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December 1 is World AIDS Day  

Fortunately, the lessons learned and the medical advances of the last 35 years have greatly controlled AIDS, but the threat continues. Members of Log Cabin have always been in the forefront of the battle against it.  

In the early days, members fought individually, helping people manage the disease one-to-one. Today, numerous organizations operate in the Bay Area providing a range of AIDS services. They make it easy for you to join the battle in effective, targeted ways.  

Here is a listing of major Bay Area AIDS organizations. You can find donation and volunteer links on their sites.  

Bay Area AIDS Agencies 

In memory of friends and for the benefit of people in need today, I ask you to take time on December 1 and throughout the year to join the fight against AIDS.  Please put it on your gift list. 

Let’s particularly remember two of Log Cabin San Francisco’s founders; Bob Bacci and Duke Armstrong.  

Charity is as basic to our party and Log Cabin as anything we do and no other time of year is as important to give as now. Please don’t forget AIDS during this season.

Having lost many friends, AIDS is very personal to me. I have worked with and contributed to two agencies for a long time. They have very special meaning for me. 

Face-to-Face, Sonoma County’s’ wonderful, nationally-recognized AIDS support organization, has set and met goals for AIDS reduction and treatment year-after-year since 1983. They helped one of the dearest friends I ever had and I give in his name – Kevin Lee Petersen

The Marin AIDS Project formed so quickly and has been so effective from the earliest days. As always, I’ll be at their Christmas party. They came through for a man I loved when I didn’t know what to do and needed help in ways I had never known – David Joseph Stark. 

Marin AIDS Project 


One of the most important parts of my holiday is the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Face-to-Face Christmas Concert. Please contact me soon if you would like to join me for this concert on December 6 at the Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa. I guarantee that when you leave the hall that night, your heart will be as big as it’s ever been and your smile never wider. It would be so sweet to have a group of Cabiners there this year. 

As this is their first year at Wells Fargo Center, I can’t be sure, but, in past years, concert goers have been treated to a fabulous, pre-performance offering of hors d'oeuvres provided by Sonoma’s best restaurants. 

Click here for concert details and ticket information. 

Remember, our own party will be Saturday, December 13. Details and RSVP here. 

San Francisco Log Cabin Christmas Party 

This is such a wonderful time for Cabiners and friends – I can’t wait to see us together. 




 "Let us reject prejudice, turn our backs on bigotry, and stand shoulder to shoulder for equal rights." ~ Ronald Reagan, 1984 

"Gays and lesbians are a part of every American family.  They should not be shortchanged in their efforts to better their lives and serve their communities." ~ Barry Goldwater, 1994

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