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March 25, 2014 


Fellow Cabiners,

He’s trying to repeal Obama Care by other means.

Today, BO, with no legal authority, made another modification of the law. He’s desperately trying to defuse it before the November election. 

The House has offered to put all his unauthorized changes into a bill and send it to the Senate. He could never agree to that for fear that, once the law is open for modification, many other facets will be changed.

He’s right. They would be as they should never have been there in the first place. There was no Republican input to the original act – none, zero – as there should have been in the creation of something with such massive effect on the lives of Americans. Few Americans really understood exactly what was being done. Now it’s staring them in the face.

This is an unholy mess. Democrats are distancing themselves from BO Care and from BO to save themselves in November. Never-the-less, the voters will correctly hold them 100% responsible. How could they do otherwise? By keeping Republicans out of the original enactment, the Democrats have created their own trap which Justice Roberts, giving in to intimidation, did not dismantle when he had the chance. Now, the excrement is hitting the fan and we are witnessing a tragedy not worthy of our nation. 

Without true legislative action, repairs and patches will only partially cushion some of the worst problems and the American health care system will remain crippled for generations. It all could have been done so differently, so much better.

No, this is surely not worthy of our nation.



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